Offering municipalities an alternative for appeal boards.

Offering municipalities an alternative for appeal boards.



Western Municipal Consulting (WMC) provides appeal services to municipalities in Saskatchewan. Our object and mission are to provide Municipalities with a medium for appeal services with experienced personnel that provide a fair and objective appeal decision.  

With an experienced Board, comprising of Saskatchewan Land Surveyors, Planners, Administrators, Assessors, Lawyers and business professionals, this well-rounded appeal board will objectively evaluate all appeals submitted.  


Western Municipal Consulting’s mandate is to offer Municipalities an alternative for Appeal boards that may be difficult to compile within local municipalities, as well as an external Appeal Administrator able to guide the municipality and appellants through the appeal process.  

Services that can be provided:

  1. Development Appeal Board – for Planning and Development Enforcement

  2. Board of Revision – for Municipal Assessment Appeals

  3. Professional Appeal Administrative services

  4. Consistent appeal boardroom and all necessary equipment 


Appeal services for municipalities in Saskatchewan.



As per the Planning and Development Act, 2007, municipalities in Saskatchewan are required to have an appeal mechanism available to ratepayers to contest municipal decisions regarding development on reasonable grounds. In our work with various municipalities, it became apparent in late 2018 that many smaller municipalities found it an onerous task to organize appeals and gather qualified boards. In many municipalities appeals are infrequently required, and can provide an unexpected and unfamiliar set of tasks for municipal staff to navigate.

It was in this context that we realized we could provide a service that would fill this gap at a competitive cost. We would handle the tasks of maintaining a pool of suitable board members, from which an unconflicted board could be selected for any municipal client. In addition all notification, recording, and reporting requirements could be handled by our qualified staff without providing additional workload to existing municipal staff.

Early in 2019 we began advertising our services to municipalities in Northwest Saskatchewan.